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Delete an Office 2010/2007 add-on

Add-in add-ins allow you to add features to Office 2010 such as the mathematical equation resolution module for Word. If you want to do some cleaning, read this tutorial.

Open the software in which the add-in is used, e.g. Word 2010. Click on File then on Options. In the left side column, click on Additions then on the button Reach (at the bottom of the window).

Capture d'écran - Options des compléments sous Word 2010
Screenshot of screen — Addition Options under Word 2010

In the window COM Supplements, check the module to be deleted, click the button Remove then on OK.

Capture d'écran - Gestion des compléments sous Word 2010
Screenshot — Additions Management under Word 2010

Repeat the operation for each software in the office suite. The process is almost identical for Office 2007.

It should be noted that the removal of the add-ons accelerates the launch of applications. Keep only the most useful!

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