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Remove Ubuntu from Windows 8/7 boot manager

bcdedit sous Windows 8

You just uninstall Ubuntu but Windows continues to display this OS selection during the startup phase? Let’s delete this entry that has become useless in a few minutes.

This tip is valid for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. We need to launch a Commands prompt in admin mode.

On Windows 8, press the Windows key and then type cmd. On the Command Prompt app, right click and then Run as an administrator from the menu that just appeared at the bottom of your screen.


Invite de commandes sous Windows 8
Command prompts on Windows 8

In the Command Invite that appears, type bcdedit. Information about the boot manager will then appear.

In the section entitled Start-up sector in real mode, notice the presence of Ubuntu associated with a identifier.

bcdedit sous Windows 8
bcdedit on Windows 8

To remove this unusable record — after uninstalling via Wubi mode for example, enter the following function by indicating your own identifier number:

bcdedit/delete {ID_number_here}

Validate by pressing the key Entry. A message will inform you of the success of the operation.

Restart to make sure that Ubuntu no longer appears in the list.

A trick that will save you a few seconds during the start-up phase of your computer.


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