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Sync Picasa 3 with a Flickr account

On the one hand, we have Picasa 3 is a photo management software developed by Google. On the other, we find Flickr, an online photo sharing service created by Yahoo!. Both are known worldwide... without interacting. Yet there is a misappropriated method that will allow you to synchronise your Picasa clichés with your Flickr account

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Installing the necessary plugins

To upload your favorite photos from Picasa to Flickr, download the following 2 software:

Flickr Uploadr (14.6) MiB, 2,003 downloads)

Picasa2Flickr (8.1) KiB, 2,150 downloads)

The Flickr Uploadr program installs like any executable file on Windows. A version for MacOS is also available.

The Picasa2Flickr plugin is special. By clicking on the download link, the browser will ask you for permission to launch an external application, namely Picasa 3. This method is not very convenient, but it allows you to quickly install an additional button in the toolbar of the application.

Synchronisation method

To send your photos to Flickr, simply select the photos of your choice — using Picasa, then click on the button Transfer to Flickr.

Capture décran - Picasa, bouton denvoi vers Flickr
Screenshot of screen — Picasa, send to Flickr button

Flickr Uploadr software will automatically launch with pre-selected photos. For titles, descriptions and other tags, these are automatically imported from Picasa and converted to be compatible on Flickr.

For information, simply click on the label icon to add tags to your photos.

When all settings have been finely defined according to your needs, click the big button Import.

Capture décran - Flickr Uploadr, mise en ligne de photos
Screenshot — Flickr Uploadr, uploading photos

Wait a few minutes to see your digital creations online!


The most

  • Free method : all the software offered here is freely downloadable while there are commercial solutions — Lightroom, for example;
  • Ease of sending : Picasa is ideal to quickly select photos with its exceptional ergonomics. No need to browse the Windows Explorer indefinitely in search of the right folder;
  • Sending video : Picasa reads the videos and Flickr Uploadr allows them to be uploaded;
  • Requires few system resources : method tested on a watch machine older than 7 years;

The least

  • No synchronisation of newly added metadata : such a method does not allow for the repatriation of metadata changes made to Flickr (add tags, change of title, etc.);
  • No marking to indicate that the photo is published : once posted, Picasa is not able to report it to us in the same way as it does for Web Albums;

It is currently the only method to my knowledge to use Picasa and Flickr simultaneously. The ideal would be to offer the same level of synchronisation for Web Albums (Google) and Flickr (Yahoo!)...

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