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Download HTC Metro Home 2.0 widget for Windows 7/Vista

Fan of HTC phones and Windows Phone 7, the new mobile operating system signed Microsoft? So let yourself be seduced by this widget designed by HTC using the Metro interface.

Widget Overview

Configuration Required

Download & Installation

Click on the link below to download the ZIP archive of the widget HTC Metro Home version 2.0. Once downloaded, all you have to do is extract the files in a location of your choice and then double-click on MetroHome.exe to launch the widget.

Metro Home Widget (1.4) MiB, 1,608 downloads)

Configuration of the HTC Metro Home widget

Start by right-clicking on the widget and opt to Widget settings. On the tab Rental, enter the name of your city and do Apply.

Capture d'écran - Configuration de la ville pour la météo (HTC Metro Home 2.0)
Screenshot — City Configuration for Weather (HTC Metro Home 2.0)

Click on the tab General to access various options such as:

  • the choice of the weather forecast provider;
  • temperature unit;
  • the hourly format;
  • refresh weather interval: waiting time in minutes before re-dating time;
  • slideshow interval: waiting time in seconds before changing the slideshow image;
  • show icon on taskbar: display an icon in the Taskbar if the application is running;
  • tile color: change the white back color of the widget tiles (default, blue).
Capture d'écran - Configuration générale du widget HTC Metro Home 2.0
Screenshot — General Configuration of the HTC Metro Home 2.0 widget

Click on OK. Right-click the widget again and click on Metro Home Settings.You can:

  • run the widget at Windows startup (Autostart with Windows);
  • enable transparency (Enable Aero Glass);
  • check for updates at startup;
  • and select the language (no French available).
Capture d'écran - Options du widget HTC Metro Home
Screenshot — HTC Metro Home widget options

Click on OK to validate your changes.

An excellent free widget signed HTC which, like the HTC Home Weather, consumes a little too much RAM.

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