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Always display full URLs in Google Chrome

Capture d'écran - options expérimentales Google Chrome

Since several versions, Google Chrome no longer displays the full URL in address bar. The protocol is masked as well as the “www”. Result: it is harder to click on the url to make a selection. Let’s fix this regression in terms of the user experience without further delay!

To do this, open a new window in Google Chrome and paste the following URL into the address bar to access hidden settings:


Make Entry.

Look for the following option:

“ Context menu show full URLs “

Capture d'écran - options expérimentales Google Chrome
Screenshot — Google Chrome Experimental Options

Click on the drop-down list to change the status to Enabled.

Relaunch Google Chrome.

Make a right-click on the address bar and check the option” Always display full URLs“.

Capture d'écran - menu contextuel barre d'adresse de Google Chrome
Screenshot — popup menu address bar of Google Chrome

Now your URLs will be displayed again in their entirety. Hoping that this option will not be changed/deleted in a future Google Chrome update.

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