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[Update] Transform Mozilla Firefox 3.5 to Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a visually sophisticated interface that gives it robust ergonomics. Unlike Firefox whose graphic theme has never seen any real evolution despite the power of this browser. But it was not to mention the extraordinary potential of its extensions as we will see in this tutorial the ultimate method to recreate the browser made by Google in terms of functionality and appearance. Guaranteed result!

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RSZ’S: : a new tip is available to further transform Firefox into Google Chrome. Go to paragraph Icon of the title bar.

To give you an overview of the final result, here is a screenshot in Firefox:

Capture décran - Mozilla Firefox façon Google Chrome
Screenshot — Mozilla Firefox way Google Chrome

And the same but for Google Chrome:

Capture décran - Google Chrome façon... Google
Screenshot — Google Chrome Way... Google

All the extensions presented here are fully compatible with Firefox 3.5 R.C that I recommend you install beforehand:

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 R.C (7.2) MiB, 1,988 téléchargements)

Graphic appearance

Google Chrome theme

At first, we need to change the look of Firefox.

The theme par excellence for adopting Chrome’s visual and undoubtedly the excellent Chromifox Extreme. Download the latter and proceed to its installation.

Chromifox Extreme (639.6) KiB, 3,817 téléchargements)

Don't forget to restart the browser.

To perfect everything and give an Aero effect to the contour of the window and on the tab bar, Total ReChrome is ideal. To install it, you will need to check I want to install this experimental module.

Total ReChrome (233.4) KiB, 3,301 downloads)

Upon restarting Firefox, a warning message will prompt you to set this add-on as the default theme. Do NOT do it and prefer click on Cancel while checking the checkbox that will disable this message.

After 2 extensions, a revival of freshness flat on Firefox, you can't find? But we're only at the beginning!


To get the buttons on the right of the search bar, install Chromifox Companion.

Chromifox Companion (21.2) KiB, 2,589 downloads)

Hide the menu bar

One of the features of Chrome but also Safari or Internet Explorer is to hide the menu bar, which is not often useful due to the presence of a mini toolbar next to the search bar.

Here again, we will use an extension called Hide Menubar.

Hide Menubar (14.9) KiB, 2,532 téléchargements)

Loading bar in URL bar

To display a progress bar inside the address bar, use the Fission extension. However, this feature is not present in Google Chrome, if you want to respect the original software.

Fission (22.0) KiB, 3,098 downloads)

Title bar icon

You will be able to push even further the Chrome mind under Firefox by customising the icon of the title bar.

Customise Firefox 3.5 Title Bar icon

Special features of Google Chrome


Probably the most famous feature of Chrome: a single bar playing the dual role of address bar and search bar. To reproduce the same thing in Firefox, the Omnibar extension is available.

Omnibar (30.6) KiB, 5,292 downloads)

For reasons of compatibility with the Firefox version you have, opt for the version that best fits. The 0.5.6 runs on Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate.

To perfect it, you can remove the search engine bar via a right click Personalise... Note that you can always select the search engine of your choice by clicking on the icon in question.

Why not combine the undeniable assets of each of them while improving them?

Status Bar

Chrome displays the status bar only when browsing a link or when loading a page. To repeat this option, install autoHideStatusbar.

AutoHideStatusbar (45.9) KiB, 2,160 téléchargements)

Do not hesitate to modify the various options proposed to suit your needs perfectly. There is no shortage of possibilities!

Download Management

I have not found a way to display a page of current downloads but you can easily replace the default download system with the very famous Download Statusbar extension.

Download Statusbar (434.6) KiB, 1,854 téléchargements)

Home Way Speed Dial

Collect the most visited web pages as miniatures, this is the principle of what is called Speed Dial, a feature from the Opera browser.

To implement this option, 2 extensions exist even if they do not look perfectly like Google Chrome.

Fast Dial (123.0) KiB, 1,808 downloads)

Speed Dial (236.3) KiB, 2,045 downloads)

Paste and access the URL

Chrome has this useful feature of copying/pasting the URL and then accessing it with a simple click. For Firefox, Paste and Go will do the deal with notably the ability to copy the URL into the address bar of the tab while opening a new tab in the background — I hope you followed...

Paste and Go (121.1) KiB, 1,716 downloads)

Transformation pack “Google Chrome into Mozilla Firefox”

To go faster in the installation of the various extensions but also to keep add-ons that are potentially doomed to disappear in a safe place, I have prepared a complete pack for you.

Google Chrome into Mozilla Firefox (full pack) (1.6) MiB, 2,492 téléchargements)

Capture décran - Mozilla Firefox adopte la Chrome attitude avec les modules téléchargements, extensions, recherche et Firebug
Screenshot — Mozilla Firefox adopts Chrome attitude with downloads, extensions, search and Firebug modules

So, friends readers, convinced by this change of appearance? Thrilled by the new features put in place? Give us your impressions and share your discoveries of extensions that could always accentuate the transformation a little more!


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  • flaburgan

    Why bother to do all this when Firefox 4 has a very successful interface? Already available during the release of this news, although less stable, I see the value of this manipulation only to keep a stable version and not use beta, but we end up with a browser full of extensions and therefore potentially slow, especially to start, if you have a somewhat feblarde machine... In short, the firefox 4 beta is very stable, months that I use it without any crashes, and has a perfect interface and certified by mozilla... To download urgently here!

  • Very good! Hide status Bar is by far the extension that I found indispensable in this lot... after the rest we can manage by manually moving the different elements of the Firefox menus.

    Just find out how to turn this line that drags with the “new” Firefox icon and page name, to finally enjoy the same display space as in chromium

  • Bernard

    I like Firefox but I still wait for the final version (and even a little more) to install it.
    Because of some additional modules that will become incompatible as FEBE or which are already incompatible as PassWordExporter whose.xpi must be hacked to install it (it seems to me recovered on a Maigret’s Blog).
    Good continuation!

  • @Maigret: I‘m not talking about bugs, just “title bar” with the Firefox icon and page name... Chromium is doing very well and I’m waiting to find out how to do the same with our favorite red panda

  • Bernard

    Firefox 3.5 installed!
    A priori nice, I didn't even see the difference!
    I'm still exploring.

    Non-compatible modules:
    Bookmark Duplicate Detector
    Boox (a + for bookmarks)
    I'm not talking about PassWord Export anymore.

    I'm going to test the transformation to Google Chrome.
    I use Chromifox Basic 1.x? and also HideMenuBar but not at home.

  • Alanca

    for version 3.5 and even the previous beta, it is no longer useful to get your hands in the cambouise to make old extensions compatible.
    On the other hand, you have to install the Nightly Tester Tools 2.0.2 extension and create an account. When you then enter the firefoxs addons [] you have to log in by clicking Log In at the top right and enter his email address and the corresponding password. Then just look for the extension and force its installation.
    For minimise to tray there is a new extension that does the same thing and is compatible; this is Fire tray 1.0.3

    And then why change this beautiful firefox to Chrome; for my part, I do not see its usefulness at all but if it makes the happiness of many, why not!

  • link.leo

    Hey, hey,
    I followed this great article two weeks ago, its walked too well, but for a week, Chromifox did a maj auto, and a nice bug appeared: .The button used to open a tab has become all blue, and you have to click side by side to activate it. I reinstalled, disabled and reactivated, nothing did. Any idea?

  • link.leo

    I have downloaded the pack, still the same problem... I think it’s Total ReChrome that bugs, but putting back the old version doesn't change anything. And Chromifox Extreme totally exploded Firefox (I'm giving you the capture...), but, well, I was able to remove it in time .Too bad, I'll come back to the theme 'classical’.

  • hey_ghis

    I had the same problem as link.leo: instead of using Chromifox Extreme, FF surreptitiously exchanged it for Chromifox Basic that I used before!

  • Tornado

    Thank you that’s not bad but I'm not all installed I just took the theme and Total ReChrome by tale would you have a tip to change the color of a theme with an extension or other?

  • @Screed : to obtain extensions in English, you must edit one of the files contained in the XPI archive. You will have to use a text editor like Notepad++, but it’s hardly very practical...

    Try to hide the toolbar through the menu Display. That said, if all the extensions are installed, you shouldn't have that bar. As mentioned above, when rebooting Total Rechrome, click on Cancel.

    Regarding XP, you will not get satisfactory results because the Aero interface is not installed.

    I have no idea of a similar module... the ones presented here seem to me to be the only functional ones.

    @Tornado : you can always try Personas from the Mozilla laboratory.

  • Gueldir

    Hello, thank you Maigret for this great site that allowed me to find my favorite chrome with the benefits of firefox. But I have only a few points left to settle...
    1- How do I make the bar disappear at the top with *firefox icon* + *mozilla firefox...* + *reduce* + *enlarge* + *close* (the small buttons at the top left)?
    2- How do I install your complete pack because its download it to me in the form of several files that remain on my arms, there is no option to install it as an extension?
    3- For downloads, display in the status bar of current downloads (the small circle that fills...), how can I find it?

    Thank you very much!

  • @Gueldir : thank you for the compliment!

    For your first question, try the Hide Caption Titlebar extension.

    To install the whole thing, simply extract the archive and then slide and drop its contents in the window of Add-on modules.

    For downloads, I have to say that I have no ideas...

    See you soon!

  • Gueldir

    It’s perfect! You're great, thank you!

    And on a completely different subject, because I don't know where to post or what to do after looking everywhere... How do I install and use this damned dreamscene that allows me to put videos in wallpaper?! I'm looking for a little more and you seem to be the man of the situation:

    The great manitoo who knows everything

  • @Gueldir : thank you very much!

    Concerning issues related to an article, you either post directly on our forum, or you are looking for an article related to your question via the search module or the Archives page.

    That said to answer your question quickly, know that DreamScene does not install and is only available on Windows Vista Ultimate — not even on Seven. If that’s the case, you just need to add videos. You'll find it in the article 24 HD videos for Dreamscene

  • Gueldir

    You mean if I bought my pc with the built-in vista software (x64) family edition, I can't put dreamscene in wallpaper?

    Thank you very much Maigret, you're a chef!

  • Fred

    Thank you very much, especially for the “Paste and go”, which I was seriously missing since I switched from Chrome to Firefox (double OS Mandriva obliges)!

  • Goriz

    Great tuto, it’s true that it refreshes Firefox.
    A question, and for the loading speed there is not a module....I laugh,the question is, is installing modules slowed down navigation?
    Congratulations again on this tuto.

  • Alex001g

    Wow... it’s been two days since I discovered the site... and I'm addicted to it!

    Really all the tricks and things written here are fantastic really it became my Bible of the Pc!

    PS: I've never tried chrome...but now with everything it’s add-on my FireFox to class!