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Turn your PC into a wake-morning with the help of Task Planner

How to set your PC so that it automatically lights at a specific time and wakes us to the sound of a sweet melody? Or how to turn your PC into a wake-up when you don't have it at hand? Here’s the question I'm going to try to answer in this article.


Superpowering computational units, computers have invaded our daily lives to the point of establishing an increasing dependence. Spreadsheet, word processing, game station, drawing tool, HIFI string... in short, you can almost do everything with your PC nowadays... anything but a wake-morning!

Well, be mistaken because after investigations and tests in real situations — at the risk of not going to work in the morning , I managed to find a way for your PC to wake you up automatically.

The solution? Quite simple in reality, it is about creating a planned task, no more or less. Explanations.

Creating a planned task

Much more complete than in previous versions of Windows, the Task Scheduler offers much more advanced features but above all with a clearer interface.

Capture d'écran - Menu Démarrer, saisie de la commande Planificateur de tâches
Screenshot of screen — Start menu, entering the command Task Scheduler

To create a new task, open the start Menu then enter Task Planner.

Capture d'écran - Planificateur de tâches
Screenshot — Task Planner

Once opened, click on Create a task in the sidebar on the right entitled Actions.

It is now necessary to review each of the tabs necessary for the realisation of an alarm clock.

General tab

Start by giving a name to your task — for example, Awakening. This will allow you to easily locate it once created and present in your task library.

Provide a description if you wish and check the following 2 boxes:

  • Run even if the user is not logged in : this will allow the task to be launched in the background while remaining on the session home screen;
  • Run with maximum permissions : this will override any type of restrictions that could prevent the task from running and therefore not wake you up;
Capture d'écran - Planificateur de tâches, onglet Général
Screenshot — Task Scheduler, General tab

Then go to the tab Triggers.

Triggers tab

When creating a task, it is necessary to define the conditions that trigger it. To do this, click on the button New... .

From the drop down list, select At the scheduled time. In the settings, check the frequency at which you want to repeat the event. In our case, we will specify Once for testing purposes.

Then indicate the date and time of your awakening. To avoid any manipulation error, I advise you to set the execution of the task in daylight to test its proper functioning.

Capture d'écran - Planificateur de tâches, onglet Déclencheurs
Screenshot — Task Scheduler, Triggers tab

In the advanced settings, check that the box Activated it’s ticked. Validate by clicking on OK.

Actions tab

This is where we will define the action(s) that will occur at the start of the task. So click on the button New... .

Capture d'écran - Planificateur de tâches, onglet Actions
Screenshot — Task Scheduler, Actions tab

Check that the action Start a program is selected and then go search for a music file via the button Browse... .

Validate by clicking on OK.

Conditions tab

If one of the conditions that we will set in a few moments is not checked then the task will not run. So be attentive to the progress of the operations!

Capture d'écran - Planificateur de tâches, onglet Conditions
Screenshot — Task Scheduler, Conditions tab

In the section Food — there must be a translation error I think, uncheck Start the task only if the computer is connected to the sector but tick Take the computer out of standby mode to perform this task.

Validate all by clicking on OK, the tab Settings not of particular interest in our case. A window will then be displayed asking for your session password.

Capture d'écran - Planificateur de tâches, saisie du mot de passe utilisateur
Screenshot of screen — Task Scheduler, user password input

Enter it and click on OK. The task is now created!

You can find it — for further modification, in the folder Task Planner Library located in the left pane of the window. One last crucial point I must insist on is: Don't turn off your PC but leave it on standby!

In this way, the task will take the computer out of standby mode and can run as we defined above. If you have a laptop, unplug the mains plug and leave it on battery. Otherwise, keep a power source for your desktop PC.

All this for a revival will you tell me? An apparently complex solution that can help you in certain situations!


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  • DQF

    Hello is all that, but for XP? your explanation of me serves nothing there is an assistant who asks me (list of all the pgm the one I desire.bref. but thank you for the entry point

  • Marine

    Thank you very much, it’s really well explained! It’s true that without awakening it’s the galley! I'm gonna get up tomorrow!

  • sherkanou

    problem: I cannot validate the "conditions" tab, here is the message that appears:"an error occurred for the alarming task. Error message: user account restriction error. Possible reasons are unauthorised empty passwords or a security restriction that has been applied. What pasa?

  • Marie

    this is very well explained!

    I really needed that wake-up because my cell phone doesn't have a battery anymore.

    thank you thank you!

  • Jojojorim

    What a foot!

    I put your blog favorites, and explore it in the future, the little links below already make me dirty. But for now, I'm going to sleep, since with your help, my little pc of amuuur will wake me up!

    so long!

      • Phoenix

        that’s good I dig a can the post but I have a solution for programmed the pc stop so we must be able to do the opposite
        at hh:mm shutdown -f -s -c “bla bla”

        —F: force running applications to close;
        —s: powered on the computer;
        —C: comments canisters...
        it’s by returning the shutdown command good after having to say that there are logs that do this but in any case thanks for the solution it’s nice to finally be able to avoid overcarving the software jack

  • Neo

    Uhhhhhhh say I have a problem.. I can't see my stains.. and the thing is that I put it to ring every 5 minutes (if I don't wake up:p) so it’s CH...quishing at the end ^^’

  • NazOok

    Thank you for your job is to explain all its!
    But I have a problem the task doesn't start... I tried on standby, extended watch...
    I don't know how it’s done! Any idea?

    Thank you.

  • Teo

    Sayer I sature I've all tested... several problems happen I did exactly like you... And:
    First my pc (under 7) does not turn on... whether it is in standby mode... sleep prolong or switch off (preferably I would like to find an adjustment to turn it on when it is not switched off... brief
    2 èmement once I had understood that my pc would not turn on if I would ever wake up I turned it on myself and that’s when my music is throwing + 0.5 I want to say except that I have no way to stop it and that it has been running in a loop for 1 hour... NEED HELP

  • Jacques

    I have exactly the same problem under windows 7 my pc on standby doesn't trigger the created task
    and when the stain starts pc lit, impossible to stop

    • Bob

      I think this concern comes from the fact that we want to “run the task without the user being connected” so the music starts in the background, without launching our dear player by default (visually, I hear)

      What to do in these cases:
      Right-click the taskbar, start the task manager, process tab, search for “wmplayer.exe” (if it is not there, click “Display processes of all users”) and stop the process.
      It’s kind of barbaric as a method, but... it works.

      • Orèli1

        Thanks Bob for the accuracy of stopper mediaplayer and other vlc via the manager, I was starting to wonder if it wasn't my brain bugging...And tuto be clear to the passage

  • Leslie

    I followed everything, except that at the end, they ask for the session password, I introduce it.. But it says it’s not possible. I wanted to know if it was the same password to enter the session or something else? Because I don't see where the problem comes from.. Thank you

  • Jean Vorsterm

    also.....a password.......the problem lies in the fact that I never put one at the beginning.. and now I don't know how to put one? Thank you!

  • grefz

    Hello I would like to know why it is necessary to unplug the laptop and leave it on battery to set the alarm clock? and also if the day before prolong it is good thanks.

    • Stone

      When it comes to leaving it on battery rather than on mains, I also don't understand the reason. Above all, care must be taken to ensure that it is not set to automatically standby extended after a certain period of time (see power management options)
      Indeed, on extended standby, it doesn't work because the PC is completely off (and so Windows too, and so the scheduled tasks too). In this case, the only way to turn it on is to press with the finger — or the paw of an insomniaque puppy — on the start button or to use a wake-on-lan, in French “wake on the wired network”, a feature available on some cards and which allows a computer connected to the network via a cable (not wifi) to be turned on from another computer. What to do with little jokes...

      Perhaps the BIOS (the screen accessible at startup by pressing the Supp, F2, or other key) allows you to schedule a start at fixed time on some computers but there is a chance to...

      Good night to all!

  • Nouh

    excuse me, but I can‘t stop waking up, the music doesn’t stop =(

    PS: I removed the task, I did the task manager thing but that slab =/

  • Damien

    Good morning,

    First of all thanks for this great tuto, but little problem: Despite having successfully created the task, and once the PC has been put on standby, the task never works, even if the PC is turned on.
    Forced to activate it manually, and it goes without saying that it’s funny enough to have to wake up to activate are own awakening.

    Thank you for everything, and thank you in advance.

  • Quentin

    despite your super tuto I can't throw it, g managed to program comma in the tuto and put the computer on standby but nothing happens, I don't understand forkoi it doesn't work. If you could help me solve this problem would have simpas

  • Zaloo

    This post dates.. But I have a problem... I can‘t get out... I’ve removed the stains... remove everything I had in the task manager... Delete the song in question.. I deprime, 2 hours that gimme gimme rotates in a loop!

  • We'll dump a little bit and here we go! I‘m bringing a solution for those under Win7 for whom the computer doesn’t get out of the clock at the requested time. You have to go to Control Panel find the section “Power Option” then “choose when to turn off the screen” (left), then “modify advanced power settings”, find the category “Watch” unfold “Allow standby timers” and put both settings on “Enable”. Hoping to help!

  • Pierrot the hack

    Hello, I would like to express a question that is important to my mind.

    Is it possible to put several different music in the wake up?

    I would love to get a good 10-15 minutes of sound to start the day well.
    I tried to exploit the parameters of the stain planner but it seems difficult to achieve.

    Besides this question this Tuto helped me a lot Thank you!

  • The manausexed’or

    To be able to hear several music in the following it is quite simple, just create and record a playlist and select the playlist file in the task planner instead of an mp3

  • guigui61000

    Good morning,

    I did what is mie in the tuto but for me every time I want to test see if it works it asks me to select a music software and when I select Windows media or vlc it tells me impossible to open the music while if I don't go through the stain planner it works very well