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Ubiquity or how to multiply the power of the web in Firefox

At Mozilla as well as at Google, there is a laboratory of new ideas, innovations that are likely to be incorporated in the near future. Among these novelties, Ubiquity is probably one of the most ingenious. This extension, running with simple self-completed command, will allow us to connect the information scattered over the web in a single point. Simply revolutionary!


To get an idea of Ubiquity’s potential and to understand exactly what it is, here’s the official video:

Ubiquity for Firefox from AZA Raskin we Vimeo.

For information, in French, the gift of ubiquity is the ability to be in several places at a time. Thus, the idea of this project is to be able to obtain information scattered on the web to use it more quickly and easily, while using simple language.


Ubiquity installs like any other Firefox extension via this link — click the green button Get it now :

Ubiquity (567.4) KiB, 1,240 downloads)

To use the app, do Ctrl + Space.

Example of practical applications

I've concocted you a flop of different uses via a second demonstrative video.

Note also that all the orders and skins offered are available from Options via the module Add-on modules from Firefox.

Ubiquity is still in draft form, but a well-finished project. As well as Prism, this extension will be part of version 3.2 of Mozilla Firefox, which disrupts our approach to Internet browsing. And you, dear readers, what do you think of this novelty?


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  • @Snook : I am well aware that many people do not have a comfortable internet connection to play videos. The fact is that here it was quite difficult for me to simply explain the operation of this extension is little particular via simple screenshots. However, the link provided by XEA should let you see it more clearly!

    @XEA : thank you very much! A link that I should have indicated from the beginning!

  • @David (Azur Dev) : are you sure you have the latest version? I saw that the old one was just an extension of the URL bar but although I agree on the principle of keywords, it is still very convenient to have a whole range of natural commands available.

    For example, when I want to translate a text quickly done. I select him then a little Ctrl + Space gives me illico the translated version without reloading the page.Same, for Wikipedia whose text is displayed directly inside the Ubiquity search bar or the possibility to use Twitter or TinyURL, etc.

    I really think that this extension has a potential that should not be underestimated at first sight. That is in any case, my opinion!

  • Lion77

    Hello to All

    To read it sounds fantastic but...... 1st disappointment after loading and installing: it’s in English! Grrrrrrrrrr!
    Did I miss a paragraph?

    Thank you

  • @Lion77 : it’s in English because it’s a Mozilla Labs project but it’s really not very complicated because the words are transparent. I‘m sorry I didn’t specify it.

    @David (Azur Dev) : well, remember, I didn't see any difference! Maybe I‘m the only one in this case, but for me it doesn’t add anything — not to mention the other extensions...

    Opera is good but Firefox remains the best to design and edit its blog — especially with Firebug.

  • That’s where I set it up. Indeed, it looks nice, we'll see to use.

    The big plus of Firefox is the extensions. But in Opera a lot of things are already included. Go to Tools, Advanced, Developer Tools. Ooooooh! —p

    Yet I can open and close Opera 4 times the time FF starts.

  • @David (Azur Dev) : yes, but good Firebug is still much more powerful and ergonomic than the tools provided in Opera. I've tried Opera for a long time and it’s true that issue launch is better than Firefox — but less well than Google Chrome, that said it’s not yet comparable.

    However, thanks to the Intel Turbo Memory, its launch is almost instantaneous at home so I don't care too much about that.

    In any case, Firefox or Opera is a choice to make according to its personal needs. Each their peculiarities, their strengths, their weaknesses... but all 2 excellent navigators!

  • Eric

    Personal, I find it difficult to understand how to write commands (especially if you are as good as the one who made the video lol) would be more convenient than clicking on an icon or keyboard shortcut to access certain functions, app?