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Ubuntu One, a free online storage space

The release of Ubuntu 9.10 aka Karmic Koala rings the appearance of a free online storage service limited to 2 GB. Based on cloud computing technologies, you will have a folder accessible from the Web via an Internet browser allowing you to store personal data. Let’s see how to use it under Ubuntu 9.10 for which the integration is native, unlike 9.04.

Free subscription: offer 2 GB

Creating Launchpad account

As with any online service, you must have an account. To do this, unwind the menu Applications then Internet and click on Ubuntu One. An instance of Firefox then opens on the Launchpad ID management site.

First enter your email address and then a password in the appropriate fields. Since you are a new user, check the box No, I want to create an account now.

Capture décran - Ubuntu One, création du compte en ligne
Screenshot — Ubuntu One, online account creation

To validate, click on the button Continuous. A message tells you that a confirmation email has just been sent to you. So, pick up your new messages and click on the confirmation link in the email from Ubuntu One.

Capture décran - Ubuntu One, confirmation de linscription
Screenshot — Ubuntu One, registration confirmation

Fill in the following fields and click on Continuous :

  • Display Name : your nickname as it will be displayed on Launchpad. It is therefore visible to all;
  • Hide my email addresses from other Launchpad users : check this box to hide your email address from other users;
  • Create password : enter a password;
  • Retype the password : a second seizure to confirm;

Authorisation for access to the PC

All you have to do is confirm access to your computer by clicking on Add This Computer. If you wish, you can change the name of the latter via the field Computer Name.

Capture décran - Ubuntu One, confirmation de laccès à votre ordinateur
Screenshot — Ubuntu One, confirmation of access to your computer

Choice of subscription

Now visit the site Ubuntu One Plans. Opt for the free offer at 2 GB and then click on Subscribe.

Capture décran - Ubuntu One, choix du plan
Screenshot — Ubuntu One, map selection

Log in if necessary using the Launchpad credentials we just created. You are now connected to the Ubuntu One online storage service from which you can view and manage your files. Let’s move on to using the Ubuntu client integrated under Karmic Koala — also available for Ubuntu 9.04.

Ubuntu One Customer Management

File synchronisation

Under Ubuntu 9.10, a connection client is perfectly integrated with Nautilus. In other words, you will notice the presence of a Ubuntu One in the menu Shortcuts. This one is used like any other folder. So you can deposit your folders and other files of any kind within the limit of 2 GB.

To synchronise with the online server, click on the button Log in.

Capture décran - Ubuntu One, synchronisation client / server
Screenshot — Ubuntu One, client/server synchronisation

Depending on the volume of files, wait for the time of the update. Note the appearance of a tooltip as well as the presence of an icon in the menu bar in the top right in the form of a cloud — which alludes to the cloud computing, “Computers in the clouds”.

Customer Setting

To configure the built-in client to Ubuntu 9.10, just right click on the cloud-shaped icon and then Preferences. You can also access it via the shortcut Ubuntu One, present in the menu Applications then Internet.

Capture décran - Configuration des options du client Ubuntu One
Screenshot — Ubuntu One Client Options Configuration

One of the interesting options is to set a maximum bandwidth level, both in transmission (upload) and download (download). In this way, it will avoid significant drops in flows while you surf the Web.

Of course, other options are present, such as: sharing public folders, accessing and uploading files via the Web... but there is no possibility to install a client on Windows or MacOS! But nothing prevents you from testing Windows Live Mesh that offers 5 GB of space and supports multiple platforms (PC, Mac and mobile).


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  • Rather reluctant at the base, I might be persuaded... I'm waiting to see how the people of the linux mint project will handle this with version 8. Disappearance of upload function in favour of Ubuntu One or complementarity?

  • Zemimi

    I may use it after my triple-boot, but already I have to install it without screwing up my 2 windows, otherwise I wonder what the connection speed can be

  • @Zemimi & Mealin : I didn't run any tests. One would need to see an ISO of a Linux distribution to see the time uploaded and then downloaded compared to a conventional download.

    I'll let you know...

  • Good morning!

    Thank you, dear Maigret, for this beautiful work that is the pleasure of the Wakan members.

    Let me know, please, when a possibility to use Ubuntu One comes up for Windows. Some members — including myself — express the need to access their account from a “fenestrated” microcomputer (a reference to waskan activity: defenestration — action to remove Windows and install Ubuntu).

    Congratulations again on the HowTo that serve in our workshops. I hope we could contribute someday.

    Jean-François Néron (Tuxdequébec)
    Executive Secretary and Director of
    Waska, Self-Government and Community Technical Services (NLTO)