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Use iCloud on Windows 7/Vista

Logo iCloud

iCloud has the particularity to work on both Mac OS X Lion and Windows. It offers direct access to your content in a synchronised way on your different devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad). To get it, simply log in using an Apple ID — usually used on the iTunes Store.

The storage space is limited to 5 GB and stores your emails ( addresses), calendars and tasks, contacts and your multimedia data including images via the photo stream or bookmarks of your web browser.

Of course, Mac OS X users benefit from direct integration into well-known apps such as iTunes, iCal, Address Book, Safari and iPhoto. The fact remains that Windows fans will not be left behind. However, it is necessary to have Microsoft Outlook for the calendar and tasks part.

Logo iCloud
ICloud logo

Download iCloud for PC

ICloud dashboard for PC (38.0) MiB, 34,962 téléchargements)

Install iCloud

Once the installation package has been downloaded, double-click it to start the installation process.

Capture d'écran - Installation de iCloud pour PC, étape n°1
Screenshot — Installation of iCloud for PC, step #1

Click for the first time on Next. Check now I accept the terms of this license agreement then do Install.

Capture d'écran - Installation de iCloud pour PC, étape n°2
Screenshot — Installation of iCloud for PC, step 2

Wait for a few moments, the time of installation.

Capture d'écran - Installation de iCloud pour PC, étape n°3
Screenshot — Installation of iCloud for PC, step 3

To finish, click on Finish.

Capture d'écran - Installation de iCloud pour PC, étape n°4
Screenshot — Installation of iCloud for PC, step 4

Configuration of iCloud

A first screen asks you to enter your login credentials. Indicate your Apple ID, the one you usually use on the iTunes Store or App Store.

You can create free from Apple website if you need it.

To confirm, do Log in.

Capture d'écran - iCloud, connexion au tableau de bord
Screenshot of screen — iCloud, connection to dashboard

Notice the appearance of an icon in the notification box, located at the bottom right of your screen.

Now we need to check the items that will be available streaming on your different devices.

Capture d'écran - Choix des éléments iCloud par Apple
Screenshot — Apple iCloud Elements Selection

In my case, I opted for a favorite synchronisation with Internet Explorer — no way to choose the browser, and the photo stream. The photo stream is stored directly in the directories Images and offers direct access to photos taken the last 30 days from your iPhone for example. They are available on all machines with iCloud.

By clicking on the button Options, you have additional options including:

  • The photo download folder;
  • The folder sending your photos;
Capture d'écran - iCloud, configuration du flux de photos
Screenshot of screen — iCloud, photo stream configuration

Unlike iCloud on Mac OS X Lion, you don't have iWork document sharing, PC localisation and remote access — like a VPN.

If you lack disk space, you can buy it from Apple but be aware that your multimedia data is not counted in the total.

Finally, it is advisable to install iTunes that will allow you to access your apps, music and books.

iCloud is therefore the service offer cloud computing by Apple. In short, it allows access to your data from any device within 5 GB of storage (excluding multimedia content). It offers many features not mentioned as the service is rich and complex at the same time... but simple to use!


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    Good morning,

    I no longer know how to enter my newly created icloud account, is it possible to give me the internet address to be able to access my icloud account?

    Thank you!

  • David

    Since the migration from mobile to icloud I can no longer access my email from a simple internet access. I am asked to connect first to an iphone device, ipad, etc; what I did but without result. Therefore I no longer have access to my emails except using my iphone or ipad.

  • Stéphane

    Since installing iCloud on my mobile on windows7 and outlook 2011, I can no longer send a message by outlook without receiving a “Server Error: '591” and message not delivered! Sending messages from my iPhone or iPad works properly and are received in Outlook. Is there a parameter to change in outlook?

  • Alex357

    Hello, I updated iTunes and iPod Touch and then created an ICloud account and allowed the flow of photos on my ipod. With this tutorial I install my Icloud dashboard on vista SP2 I choose my download folders in photo feeds and I click on apply and the dashboard does not stop loading (with an hourglass that rotates in the window) I may take photos with my ipod but nothing appears danas the folders I have chosen. When I restart my computer the dashboard no longer starts when I click nothing.
    And also when I connect to and I locate my ipod it finds it asks me mOn password and when I want to tick it for example it puts locking on hold. Are these problems here because of my firewall? Please help me I'm lost!

  • Alain94

    Hello, after downloading the installation package and starting the process, I get Icloud on my PC on Windows Seven (64 bits) but the connection does not appear with an error message “you cannot log in due to a server error”.
    Everything works perfectly with the same account on my pimp....An idea?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Jacques Delorme

    Not having the chance to install Lion on my too old iMac, I was forced to turn to Windows 7 (64bits) for iCloud.

    Disaster: after an installation that normally takes place (appearing) nothing to do to implement it: “Program not found”

    You can't get a boost from Mac without having to pay. I sincerely think that this Society is not serious.

  • Philippe

    Good morning.

    I installed iCloud on my PC windows7 32b, and I did a guard, depui I lost all my Outlook contacts on my Pc. How to get them back. Thank you

  • BigRedNoz

    Good morning,

    I created a garageband file on iphone 4 OS5 It was stotted in iCloud to form. Being on Snow Leopard on my MacBook, I can't access iCloud (thanks Apple). So I‘m trying to access iCloud from my son’s PC on Windows 7, but I’m waking a little bit. I've installed iTunes, but nothing does it. If I use the above utility in addition, in which folder would I have a chance to recover the garageband file done on iphone to retrieve it? Will it be accessible?

    In advance, thank you

  • GlobalSiDavid

    Good morning,

    Is it possible to synchronise mails/contacts/calendars on windows 7 running Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightning (for calendars)?

    Thank you in advance

  • mushu14

    Good morning,
    I'm on windows seven 64, I installed the icloud dashboard and when I want to launch it I invariably have the same error message that comes back:
    You can't log in due to server error
    So I could never open the icloud dashboard and set it up.
    I've been on my head for two days.
    Help me if you can or you know.
    A huge thank you in advance...

  • Guibet laurent

    Hello I can login from my computer windows7 on icloud yet I have downloaded and when I enter my email address and my password a message m indicates I can not connect following as a server error then koi do

  • Nicole

    Hello everyone, at home, under vista, everything works except the flow of photos that still doesn't appear on my PC.
    do you have a solution?
    Thank you for avacne

    • forcier

      Hello, I‘m with vista and I don’t have outlook while what interests me is the calendar.
      is there any other way thanks bcp to those who will answer me

  • Herlaut Annick

    Hello Aurélien,

    I'm on Windows 7 PC and iPad 2. Everything has been set to iCloud for photo feed since last October and everything was working perfectly. I automatically found in my My Photo Stream folder on my PC all my photos taken with my iPad. That’s great!
    But recently (I think maybe 1 month) photos are no longer pushed to my PC. I haven't changed anything. Also, I did the last MAJ of everything: IOS 5, iTunes when devices requested it. Would you have the solution?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

  • Annick Herlaut

    Thank you for your answer Aurélien,
    Unfortunately the windows updates are made and I have reviewed but nothing. Everything is well set on the devices too. On the other hand, I don't have this problem with email, calendar, etc. If I make an appointment on my iPad, Outlook recovers it without worries with wifi... The problem is the photos and it is well activated everywhere. That’s strange!
    Thank you for your quick response.

  • Rolland Couture

    I'd like to know if I can use the gmail calendar with Icloud: if so how.

    NB: I already use Icloud in my Microsoft Outlook 2007 calendar and I would like to change to use the gmail calendar.

    Thank you


  • Daniel

    Good morning,

    My photos don't stream anymore, it happened to me once, I uninstalled icloud and reinstalled. But this time it doesn't work anymore. When I want to open icloud, it doesn't work either.
    I have a PC on Windows 7, the error message was photo stream to stop working

  • Jo Chabot

    I installed icloud on my ipad and on PC Vista
    I chose to synchronise my “contacts” and my “calendar” with OUTLOOK
    The interaction works well for contacts that I can edit from Outlook as well as from Ipad.
    On the other hand, for the Calendar, changes made to the Ipad no longer appear on the Icloud calendar read by Outlook.
    Do you need to start the installation again?

  • Hello, I encounter a difficulty to synchronise icloud with Outlook 2007, since the update of the icloud 2.0 dashboard.
    Contacts and calendar no longer synchronise, and at each opening I am invited to reinstall the dashboard without success. Moreover the icloud complement no longer appears in outlook, I tested everything, reinstall outlook among others, without success. You can help me solve this problem.
    Marc SEVERAC

  • Fourcault arlette

    Hello me also difficulty to sync icloud with Outlook 2007 lost all my contacts how can we recover them knowing that I have them on my tablet 2 icloud asks me a password how the recovered so lost cordially

  • Apologist

    No relation to Cloud Computing!
    It’s just a simple dematerialised hard drive. And bugged in addition, pay attention to the massive transfer of your data to icloud, and erased from your PC. In short, an infamous dawn.


    Hello, I bought a new VAIO on windows8, I couldn't get anything and bought a Windows 7 license and had it installed, I try to find all the programs I used to use but ICLOUD loads, I “patient during the installation of the dashboard that can take a few minutes” and there it goes back and uninstalls it! Since I skating seriously anyone has an explanation thank you in advance

  • Fred TRAVERS

    Good morning. As for me everything works well between Outlook 2007 and iCloud account. However, is there any possibility for emails sent from my iPhone to be synchronised in the sent elements from Outlook (as on Mail on a Mac)? So far I have not managed to do so and I no longer know where to look for a solution (if it exists...)! Thank you in advance.

  • Christel

    Good morning,
    I have the same problem as several other Internet users (see above).
    When I try to install the iCloud dashboard on my PC (Windows 7), the following error message appears:
    You can't log in due to server error
    Do you have a solution?
    Thank you very much

  • Lebar

    Good morning
    I am invited to share a photo stream by a friend who has an ipad, but I only have one pc and I don't know what iCloud is. Is it possible to access this shared photo stream anyway?
    Thank you