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Use XP virtualisation mode on Windows 7

Windows 7 has a virtualisation mode of XP. In other words, it is possible to run multiple instances of the Windows operating system without physically installing it. Useful for small and medium-sized enterprises, this device is only available for professional and integrated versions of Windows.

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RSZ’S: : download links have evolved. It is now necessary to follow the download wizard set up on the Microsoft website (see step 2).

Step 1 — Processor Verification

To benefit from virtualisation, you need to know if your processor takes this feature into account.

Intel processors

Download the following utility and proceed to its installation:

Intel Processor Identification Utility (1.0) MiB, 16,209 downloads)

Launch the utility and click on the tab Processor Technologies and check that you get a Yes to the line Intel(R) virtualisation technology.

Capture décran - Utilitaire didentification du processeur Intel
Screen capture — Intel CPU Identification Utility

AMD processors

Unlike Intel, no utility is currently available for AMD (the official page contains no valid links). It is necessary to search according to your processor on the official website.

The utility is now available for AMD.

AMD Hyper V Compatibiliy Check (49.8) KiB, 2,683 downloads)

Step 2 — Installation of XP mode for Windows 7

Since the official release of Windows 7, the download procedure is based on the choice of Windows version and the edition you have installed. So follow it the online wizard on Microsoft’s website.

Capture décran - Site, assistant de téléchargement pour Windows XP mode
Screenshot — Site, Download Wizard for Windows XP mode

Do this, install the update by clicking for the first time on Yes Yes then I accept.

Capture décran - Installation de la mise à jour
Screenshot of screen — Install update

Then install the Windows XP module by following the classic installation process and then restart the PC.

Step 3 — Creating a virtual machine

Now open the start Menu then click on Virtual Windows XP. A virtual machine creation wizard for XP will launch. Check it out I accept the license terms then click on the button Next.

Capture d'écran - Acceptation de la license
Screenshot — License Acceptance

The next step allows you to change the location of the installation folder at your convenience. I advise you to leave the default path and then enter a password and confirm it. To continue, do Next.

Capture d'écran - Paramètres de création de la machine virtuelle
Screenshot — Virtual Machine Creation Settings

This screen prompts you to automate updates to XP via Windows Update. For the moment, check Not right now. You are free to activate this automation afterwards, not necessary for testing purposes. To validate the installation, click on Start Setup.

Capture d'écran - Configuration des mises à jour
Screenshot of screen — Configuration of updates

Now wait a few minutes, while the virtual machine is created.

Capture d'écran - Installation du mode XP
Screenshot of screen — Installation of XP mode

Once the process is complete, Windows XP is launched from your Windows 7 desktop.

Capture d'écran - Windows XP mode sous Windows Virtual PC
Screenshot — Windows XP mode on Windows Virtual PC

Isn't she beautiful in life? You can now enjoy apps that are partially or totally incompatible with the new system, while benefiting from a top PC.


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