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Use your Windows Phone 7 as a USB stick on Windows 7/Vista

With a few small changes in the registry, you will be able to use your Windows Phone 7 as a simple USB stick.

Make a backup of the registry as a precaution before any manipulation.

To do this, open the start Menu, enter regedit and do Entry.

Search the following key using the left tree:


Capture d'écran - Editeur de registre, Windows 7 (cliquez pour agrandir)
Screenshot — Registry Editor, Windows 7 (click to enlarge)

Then unroll the different keys to find the key ZuneDriver. As soon as you find it, click on the key Device Parameters as in our screenshot.

In the right column, we will have to modify the following 3 keys:

  • EnableLegacySupport : value 1 (hexadecimal or decimal);
  • ShowInShell : value 1 (hexadecimal or decimal);
  • PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell : value 0 (hexadecimal or decimal).

Close the Register and connect your Windows Phone 7 with a USB cable to your PC. Open the folder Computer to see your phone appear and the different folders it contains:

Capture d'écran - Votre Windows Phone 7 monté dans l'explorateur Windows comme une clé USB
Screenshot — Your Windows Phone 7 mounted in the Windows Explorer as a USB stick

A really practical tip! We‘ll regret that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t handle it natively.



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