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Bikes Paris, a free app for Windows Phone 7 by Kalezo

Vélo Paris - Fonction Favoris

Discover the free Vélo-Paris app for Windows Phone 7 developed by a Microsoft Student Partners (MSP), founder of Kalezo company.

Presentation of the application

Bicycles Paris is a free application provided by the company Kalezo on Windows Phone 7. The app allows in a blink of an eye to see the bike stations in Paris around your location.

Vélo Paris - Fonction Favoris
Cycling Paris — Favorites Function

The available seats and bikes are updated in real time and prevents bad surprises once you arrive at the station. The feature to view seats/bikes is present in the first icon of the bar and switches the bugs visible on the map between bikes or parking.

Vélo Paris - Fonction Itinéraire
Bicycle Paris — Function Itinerary

The first launch of the app downloads the location of all Paris stations and keeps them for 30 days; this method limits unnecessary data consumption across your mobile network. A station grouping system also improves search performance and does not overload the visibility on the map.

Vélo Paris - Carte des stations
Bicycle Paris — Map of resorts

By pressing a station, a detailed sheet opens and allows you to see more precisely its location without the nearby stations. Through this form it is also possible to add the station to its favorites to view the places/bikes faster, or to determine the route from your location to the latter.

Vélo Paris - Stations disponibles
Bicycle Paris — Stations available

Bikes Paris is a quick and easy to use app to help you get around Paris better. Totally free application without advertising planned for the moment. Kalezo also has versions for London and some major cities in the United States.

Downloading Bicycle Paris

Bicycle Paris on the Marketplace (unknown, 1,019 downloads)

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