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[Update] [Video] Create a professional Word document in 10 minutes chrono

Become a Word 2007/2010 pro by learning to format a document in just a few clicks, with a cover page, table of contents, level titles, graphic themes and visual effects... all in video.

Prefer the HD version for better readability.

To start with Office 2010, download Microsoft’s full guide for free at this address:

Find a lot of the topics covered in the tutorial video on our website.

Word Mathematics Functions

Insert and edit simple and complex mathematical equations ;

Solve mathematical equations ;


Insert a Table of Contents ;

Add a cover page ;


Add visual effects to your images ;

Give a style to your paintings ;

Add a lettrine ;

Adjust the quality of the images ;

Since Office 2007, document formatting has become child’s play. It is now possible to focus as much as possible on the substance, which remains the most important, but without jerking the shape.

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  • acid

    Great well done, although I know almost all the techniques used in this tutorial, it is really a pearl for the neophytes.
    (starts receiving ugly reports!)