Autoruns is a real pearl to optimise your computer. In a single window are all programs started at startup, scheduled tasks, drivers, services, boot, sidebar gadgets, IE and a whole lot of other things. Turn off any automatic execution of a program, dll, services or others with a single click. Be careful, beginner users abstain!

By default, the operating system is set to perform a defragmentation every Wednesday at 1 o'clock in the morning. However, unless you let your PC turn on night and day, it is of no interest. In addition, if you perform regular defragmentation yourself or use alternative software, then this function is doubly useless. Now let’s see how to turn it off.

Categories Windows 7, Windows Vista

Take control of a file/folder via Vista’s context menu

Many files or system folders under Vista are not editable. You have to understand that you are not the owner of it for security reasons. Sometimes you need to go beyond these limits. To this end, a lengthy process of taking control is taking place, which is hardly very productive. So I suggest you add a control function in Vista’s context menu, which will help you avoid this tedious work.

Categories Windows 7, Windows Vista

Configure media file sharing on Windows Vista or Seven

One of the new features of Windows Media Player 11 is to share its entire multimedia library over a private network. In fact, all network users will be able to read your content from their PC like a streaming server. Also, the system automatically detects when a new user authorises such sharing and you can then allow it or not. Interesting, this new feature is still unknown so follow the guide!

Categories Windows 7, Windows Vista

Exclude a folder from the indexing engine on Windows 7/Vista

Being one of the new features of Microsoft’s new OS, the indexing engine soon proved to be indispensable as it will simplify your life (fast launch of applications, search for your emails and other documents, etc.). However, it may be interesting not to index certain locations as they are able to undergo frequent changes (desktops, downloads, etc.).