Capture d'écran - WIFINetwork Backup Manager Utility

Retaining your WPA security key to connect to the home WIFI is one thing but doing it for each of your computers and every reformatting can quickly turn to Calvary. Especially since these connection profiles are often much more complex than simply entering a security key. Learn how to save and restore these different WIFI profiles with this free utility.

Capture d'écran - Assistant d'installation du Microsoft Camera Codec Pack pour WIndows 7 / Vista

The RAW file format, which means raw in English, is available on bridge and reflex cameras as well as on some scanners. It corresponds to the negative of a photo because all the sensor data is recorded there. The advantages of this format are numerous, including better image quality and thus retouching better qualities later under Photoshop for example (more information on Wikipedia on this subject). This format is usually 4 to 5 times heavier than a JPEG (about 20 MB for an APN of 10 million pixels). By default, Windows is not able to read this format. Microsoft has just released a codec pack to solve this problem.