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Windows 8 — First official video of the user interface!

Capture d'écran - Windows 8 Start Screen

Microsoft has just released this first official video on the interface of the next Windows 8. Discover it without further delay!

Capture d'écran - Windows 8 Start Screen
Screenshot — Windows 8 Start Screen

The interface is really superb but is really suitable for a keyboard and mouse: I doubt it! On the other hand, as stated in the video, this “Metro” style interface will also be available for tablets, which here, for the moment, is really appropriate. More videos are coming very soon. Wait and see!

What do you think? Gadget interface (as was the case with Dreamscene or sidebar widgets) or simply revolutionary?


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  • Coyotus

    what is a giant android? windows for smartphone?
    it’s really portnawak this interface and people will pay for a useless thing like sheep just because it’s the latest release version

  • I find this natural and pleasant interface to use. As long as we are left with the traditional interface for use with keyboard+mouse I am for, it’s really good for tablets! We have the tablet and the interface that goes with it but at any time you can decide to plug into it a keyboard, a mouse, and make use of a traditional computer

  • FiringFox

    Rather it suggests that crosoft started to abandon the PC to favour tablets, since it’s the big sale of the moment... Peso I prefer my android. And if not, where is this “revolution” we were told about? Windows 8 looks more like a built-in Windows 7 than anything else, it smells like the big, heavy-duty system... In short, to follow.

  • Kokokoul

    That with mouse/keyboard, lol? If I'm on pc and not on tablet, it’s to have, among other things, a real desk and everything and everything. If I like this interface I find the article of protuts to put on the desktop a styling thing with lots of gadgets of dispo and others (and especially it’s free...)