Each Windows update (and many of them) stores its installation file (.msi or.msp) in the hidden folder Installers located in C:\Windows. These files are required during the installation, upgrade or uninstallation of these updates. Inconvenience, Windows does not clean up. As a result, you lose dozens of GB of free space on your disk.

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Forget/delete a WiFi network on Windows 8.1

Capture d'écran - Liste des profils réseaus WiFi sous Windows 8.1

On Windows 8, it was possible to forget a WiFi network easily via a simple right-click from the Network side panel. But since the update in 8.1, the task is more difficult. Indeed, the only way to make forgetting is when an attempt to connect fails. It is only then that Windows will suggest you forget it. Otherwise, prefer our method described in this article.

Capture d'écran - Paramètres Windows Update

Windows performs daily maintenance of your computer that includes updates, security analysis, and system diagnostics. Problem, this maintenance only takes place during the inactivity times of your PC. And, by default, a standby PC is not considered a time of inactivity. Learn in this article how to allow Windows to leave your machine out of watch to perform maintenance.