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Windows no longer detects CD/DVD drives/engravers (error 39: the pilot could not be loaded)

This problem occurred on my laptop less than a week ago: Windows 7 no longer detected any optical drive (cd/dvd) and virtual drive. The relocation of pilots does not change anything, only a change in the registry solved my problem. Explanations in the rest of the article.

Start by opening the start Menu, enter regedit and do Entry.

Before any changes, make a backing up your registry.

Search the following key using the tree:


On the right side, delete the keys:

  • UpperFilters;
  • LowerFilters.
Capture d'écran - Editeur de registre Windows
Screenshot of screen — Windows Registry Editor

Note: It may be that the key UpperFilters Don't be available (it was my case).

Close the register and restart.

Your optical and virtual drives are now back to your greatest relief!

Source: Microsoft Support


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  • koast freelance infographer

    It’s astonishing! When I installed windows 7, I was surprised to see that it detected and installed drivers on my machine automatically, finished searching on all ect

    Good on the other hand for this problem has to know that you have to go to the windows registry!

    thank you A+

  • Ramzy

    I couldn't find it.
    how do I do this?

  • Heillys

    Hello, for my part my computer is an Acer Predator on Windows 7 with two CD drives/engravers. However, for some time (about February), he had not detected any CDs in both players. As I was almost never there it was hard for me to find a solution. It was strange to say the least because although he is 2 years old now but he was walking very well. Anyway, I tried your method, but unfortunately it didn't work...Another solution? T_T

  • Heillys

    Ah yes important precision: last Friday (June 22) he had walked again by I don't know what miracle Oo I just know that before that I had to turn off the computer long enough because of a nearby storm, and that after that had come back. I did not go back until today (Monday 25 June) and it’s not working again...

      • Heillys

        Good morning, sorry for the delay, weeks were the cause. Now having free time, I went back to this computer, I read your message and do exactly what you said. But no yellow dots appeared...

  • Claude Hagarty

    my windows 8 does not recognise the cd-rom/dvd 2 days after installation of windows8 impossible to put a cd (example battlefield 2), the drive will not read the cd, no sign of the cd/dvd drive nowhere