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Windows Live Mesh, sync your folders and files easily between your devices and/or in the cloud

Capture d'écran - Windows Live Mesh, connexion au compte Live

Windows Live Mesh is a free, cross-platform application (Windows and MacOS X) from the Microsoft Live suite. It simply synchronises folders and files between multiple computers but also with your online Skydrive storage space (limited to 5 GB, free service provided with a Live/Hotmail account).

Download and installation

Live Mesh is an application to download for free and install on all computers to sync:

Windows Live Mesh for Windows (1.2) MiB, 1,238 downloads)

Windows Live Mesh for MacOS X (8.6) MiB, 1,580 downloads)

Synchronisation of a folder

Log in to Live account

A Live/Hotmail account is required for the use of Live Mesh. At the start of the application, your Live logins/password are required:

Capture d'écran - Windows Live Mesh, connexion au compte Live
Screenshot — Windows Live Mesh, login to the Live account

Selection of files

Then click on Synchronise a folder and select the folder to sync.

Capture d'écran - Synchroniser un dossier avec Windows Live Mesh
Screenshot — Synchronise a folder with Windows Live Mesh

Slots to sync

You are then asked to select the computers and services that will need to synchronise this folder. In our example, we will opt for the online storage service SkyDrive.

Note that it is necessary to install Live Mesh beforehand on the different computers to benefit from synchronisation between them.

Capture d'écran - Windows Live Mesh, sélection des emplacements
Screenshot — Windows Live Mesh, location selection

Click on OK to validate and synchronise files. Depending on the size of the files and your Internet connection, synchronisation can take a few minutes or several hours.

If you want to manage your devices and sync locations, click on Access Windows Live Devices (main screen of Live Mesh below the name of your computer). You will then be directed to a web page of this type:

Capture d'écran - Windows Live Mesh, gestion des appareils
Screenshot — Windows Live Mesh, Device Management

Some types of files may not be synchronised. To do this, click on Ignore.

Capture d'écran - Exemple de problème de synchronisation dans Live Mesh
Screenshot of screen — Example of synchronisation problem in Live Mesh

Sharing your documents

It is possible to share your stored documents on Skydrive with other users. For this, on the line Shared with (at the synchronised folder level) click on I'm only. Then enter the email addresses of the persons concerned:

Capture d'écran - Windows Live Mesh, partage de vos documents
Screenshot — Windows Live Mesh, sharing your documents

To go further

Live Mesh is also able to synchronise:

  • your favorites from Internet Explorer
  • and your custom styles, templates, signatures and dictionaries from Microsoft Office

To do this, click on Enable synchronisation for your favorites and Enable synchronisation for your styles, templates, custom dictionary and electronic signatures under Program settings.

Capture d'écran - Windows Live Mesh, paramètres du programme
Screenshot — Windows Live Mesh, program settings

Finally, Live Mesh allows you to make remote connections to other computers by clicking on the tab Remote located at the top left of the main window:

Capture d'écran - Windows Live Mesh, connexions à distantes
Screenshot — Windows Live Mesh, Remote Connections

As this part is not the subject of this tutorial, we will return to it in a forthcoming article.

An excellent unrecognised application of the Windows Live suite to try urgently.


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  • Great, I think this is a good way to facilitate communication with customers and colleagues.And, I'll also test it with some friends to test the sharing of our I.E. favorites.

  • b141

    Excellent application in fact, but Microsoft will soon kill it to replace it with Skydrive, which certainly offers a little more disk space online, but much less possibilities. It’s a pity that Microsoft doesn't take our needs into account, and above all it’s too bad that they plan the possibilities of Live Mesh, which was much better in Beta than in Skydrive...

  • Jérôme MARTIN

    I've been crying my live mesh since the reinstallation of one of my two computers. The problem is that live mesh competed too strongly skydrive so it was effective. Since then, I have found no product as good as live mesh to synchronise two ordis.
    Two solutions are a collective action through the net to ask microsoft to reintegrate live mesh into the essential live windows suite. Develop a similar tool.

      • Jerome MARTIN

        Yes and no it’s not the same use. Live mesh did not pass through an online storage space or local NAS server. We were really on the high-performing shift synchro in automatic so long as the software was launched on both jobs. It was really very efficient even with large amounts of files. The auto sync to the cloud is good but far from being as powerful as the synchro proposed live mesh.