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Windows Phone Shortcut Tiles for WP 7 Mango

Capture d'écran - Shortcut Tiles, application Windows Phone 7

Discover in this article the free WP Shortcut Tiles app for Windows Phone 7 developed by Nazer Aminou, a developer student at Epitech in Lyon.

This article is a contribution by Nazer to the Windows Phone 7 Contest.

WP Shortcut tiles is the first application you need to download on your Windows Phone. It was developed by Nazer Aminou, a student.

WP sortcut Tiles allows you to pin useful shortcuts on your homepage to save you time. The application has recently been updated.

The application’s home page consists of the list of available shortcuts and a button group on the right to access the parameter for example. A small info button is available at the top left indicating the utility of each button).

Capture d'écran - Shortcut Tiles, application Windows Phone 7
Screenshot — Shortcut Tiles, Windows Phone 7 application

The available shortcuts are:

  • Cellular parameter (networks, 3 g, roaming, etc.);
  • WiFi parameter;
  • Bluetooth parameter;
  • Parameter Aeroplane mode;
  • WiFi and Cell setting (reunites both into one tile);
  • WiFi and Bluetooth parameter (reunites both into one tile);
  • Bluetooth and Cell Parameter (reunites both into one tile);
  • Position (allows to retrieve the current position and share the address);
  • Music Store (link to the Music section of the Marketplace;
  • New mail (allows you to send a new email quickly);
  • New SMS (allows you to send an SMS quickly);
  • Share a status (allows you to share a status on social networks);

Going into the app’s settings we notice that it manages three bonus features that can be enabled or disabled by the user:

  • Status display on wifi and cellular tiles (a rectangle or red circle for “deactivated” and green for “activated”)
  • Live tiles (the created shortcuts display a descriptive text of the shortcut. Wifi and cellular tiles display the status and name of the network)
  • Background Agent (a background task that runs every 30 minutes and automatically updates shortcuts)

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Video demo

Download the app

To download for free WP Shortcut Tiles for Windows Phone 7 (Mango update required), click on the link below (Zune Software is required):

WP Shortcut Tiles for Windows Phone 7 (unknown, 1,168 downloads)

Zune software (32 and 64 bits) (62.0) MiB, 4,294 downloads)

A very practical application especially for WiFi/Bluetooth connections to try urgently, especially as it is updated regularly.

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