There is a multitude of instant messaging software; almost all free e-mail service providers offer theirs with more or less openness to competition services. Thus, today it is not uncommon for a user, more or less alerted, to have multiple email accounts (e-mail), one or more accounts on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace to name but a few) and friends using a different instant messaging account (MSN Live/Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, GTalk and so many others). Without a suitable tool, our Internet user switches from one app to another to reply to an email, view his Twitter, reply to a friend via instant messaging or watch the latest news from his Facebook network.

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Disable mobility center on Windows Vista

The Mobility Centre has made its appearance with Windows Vista. Accessible by using the Windows+X key combination, it allows, among other things, to adjust the sound volume, the brightness of the monitor, the WIFI, activate the presentation mode, etc... This tool, initially practical, is actually not useful (at least in my case). Let’s see how to turn it off.

The PhysX appeared on Nvidia 8xxx and 9xxx series graphics cards with at least 256 MB of video memory. The PhysX makes it possible to achieve very realistic “physics” behaviors in the latest generation video games. Originally, users wishing to take advantage of this technology had to purchase a physical card in addition to the graphics card! As the concept does not work with the public, Nvidia simply decided to integrate the PhysX into its graphics cards. Except that, it significantly reduces the performance of the latter on low and even medium-scale models (the high end being at least 8800/9800). Let’s see how to turn it off.

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Disable Superfetch on Windows Vista

The Superfetch is a service introduced in Windows Vista that automatically loads in memory the most used programs in order to speed up their launch. Although this is at first sight beneficial to the user, it is nevertheless preferable to disable this feature if you are using your PC to play or for testing purposes.