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WindowsPager, use virtual desktops on Windows 7/Vista/XP

Want to enjoy virtual desktops on Windows just like you would on Linux Ubuntu? WindowsPager is the solution with 4 desktop support for infinitesimal memory consumption.


A virtual desktop is simply the possibility to enjoy an additional display space by multiplying the number of Windows Desktops. Each of the virtual offices will therefore have its own taskbar.

To install WindowsPager, download the application via the following link:

WindowsPager (39.9) KiB, 5,844 téléchargements)

Unzip the ZIP archive in the folder of your choice and double-click the file Windowspager.exe to launch the application, file present in the WindowsPager folder. Note the presence of a 64-bit version.

Using WindowsPager


A toolbar that is perfectly integrated with the Windows taskbar now allows you to switch between your different offices.

Capture décran - WindowsPager, barre doutils intégrée sous Windows 7
Screenshot of screen — WindowsPager, built-in toolbar in Windows 7

You will also notice that the windows are represented according to their size and by an icon symbolising the launched application.

To easily arrange your windows, click on the application icon on the left in the title bar and then choose the desktop to which you want to move the latter.

Capture décran - WindowsPager, gestion des fenêtres
Screenshot of screen — WindowsPager, Windows management

A demo video is available on the project website.

Launch WindowsPager at Login

However, there is not yet an option to launch WindowsPager at Windows startup. However, simply drag/drop a shortcut into the folder Start-up of start Menu.

Capture décran - Menu Démarrer, modification du dossier Démarrage
Screenshot of screen — Start menu, change folder Start

So, right click Open on the file Start-up. Then move the application Windowspager.exe while pressing the key ALT to the folder Start-up. The screenshot below is better than a long speech:

Capture décran - Explorateur Windows, création dun raccourci
Screenshot of screen — Windows Explorer, creating a shortcut

WindowsPager is truly the essential application to manage virtual desktops. Despite the absence of some configuration settings that would be welcome — number of virtual desktops, start-up of Windows, etc. You can only hope to take advantage of it in a future version because WindowsPager is only in beta at the moment.


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    • @Mr xhark : correction on my part, this is possible as the characteristics on the official website but then it’s not convenient at all — at least on Windows 7, because you have to move the top of the window present in one of the WindowsPager squares.

  • I don‘t even understand that the windows team didn’t include this type of basic function, it would have made them an extra argument for the “revolutionary” side of 7.

    At least it will do me a favor when I use my session 7 (RC powaa). Thank you Maigret

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