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WinLaunch, the launchpad of MacOS X for Windows 7/8/Vista

Capture d'écran - WinLaunch pour Windows 7, 8, Vista

Launchpad is a novelty of MacOS X Lion directly from iOS that allows you to see all its apps with one click, create folders to sort them etc. Well know that it is possible to have the same thing on Windows 7, 8 and Vista thanks to an application developed by C0rrupted, all for free.

Download WinLaunch

WinLaunch is available for free for Windows 7, 8 and Vista (32/64 bits):

WinLaunch for Windows 7, 8, Vista (32 bits/64 bits) (14.3 MiB, 2,306 downloads)

Operation of WinLaunch

Start by running WinLaunch Starter.exe by taking care to choose the suitable version for your PC (32 or 64 bits). Choose a theme and then press the key F.

Capture d'écran - WinLaunch pour Windows 7, 8, Vista
Screenshot — WinLaunch for Windows 7, 8, Vista

Then drag drop from the application to the window WinLaunch (example: an icon on the desktop or an executable from an explorer folder).

Capture d'écran - Création d'un dossier dans WinLaunch
Screenshot of screen — Create a folder in WinLaunch

To create a folder, this is the same principle as on iOS: drag an icon to another icon with which you want to create a folder and then give it a name.

To rename an icon, click on the + located in the lower left corner then on Edit. Then click on the icon you want to edit.

Capture d'écran - Modification d'une icône dans WinLaunch
Screenshot of screen — Modification of an icon in WinLaunch

From this screen you can rename it, change the icon, the path...

Note that if you delete a shortcut from your desktop that was used via WinLaunch, it will no longer work.

WinLaunch Settings

WinLaunch comes with a large number of options accessible from the button Settings (after clicking on the + located in the lower left corner of the screen).

The most interesting ones are present under the tab Design where you can customise the whole Launchpad especially thanks to the many basic themes included.

Capture d'écran - Options de configuration de WinLaunch
Screenshot — WinLaunch Configuration Options

Finally, to quickly access the Launchpad, do Maj+Tab.

A very successful application, beautiful, clean, customizable, consuming very few resources and free. In short, indispensable!



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  • Kola

    A little question Benjamin for WinLaunch, last time I got an update of WinLaunch that I downloaded and reinstalled and there misfortune, I lost all my icons. I had to redo the files, reclassify them in a short time. Today, I have a new update that I downloaded but not installed for fear that the erasure of icons will happen again. Do you have a solution or do something wrong?

    Thank you again for everything!

  • m************m

    You can help me because I only when I open winlaunch I choose the theme all left (for all graphics cards) and “winlaunch stopped working” matched help me please.
    PS: I'm under 32 bit vista

  • Thierry François


    Bravo, your site is very informative. I just discovered it and, the course with great pleasure. I won't hesitate to talk about it around me for a second.

    Thank you very much.


    • Kola

      Yes, you can delete an icon by placing it on it and letting it press left click. A small cross appears at the top left of your icons, you click on it to delete. That’s it.

  • Jean-Yves PORCHER

    Hello, I installed WinLaunch which is very interesting in big icon, the problem as soon as I open a.tmp file cleanup application the winlaunch window disappears and I have to reboot my PC for it to appear. Is there any possibility to reappear without rebooting? I point out that I click on Winlaunch Starter who does not act...
    Thank you for a solution.