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The Luna Visual Theme of Windows XP for Windows 7

Capture d'écran - Fenêtre de personnalisation de Windows 7

Luna is the name given to the default visual theme of Windows XP. If you are nostalgic for it, find out in this tutorial how to install it for Windows 7 for free. Also available in Silver (silver grey).


Like many of the visual themes offered on the web, it is necessary to patch your system (if not already) to be able to install them.

Patch your Windows system to add third-party themes

Download Luna, default visual theme of Windows XP

Download the 2 Luna themes (the default blue and silver grey — silver) and extract files.

Windows XP Luna Silver theme (unknown, 3,616 downloads)

Windows XP Luna theme (unknown, 4.563 downloads)

Double click on the file titled install sysfiles x86.bat (or install sysfiles x64.bat for 64-bit systems).

Then right-click on your desktop and opt to Customise.

Capture d'écran - Fenêtre de personnalisation de Windows 7
Screenshot — Windows 7 Customisation Window

Click on the theme Luna (available with or without Aero) and admire the result.

Capture d'écran - Le thème visuel Windows XP sous Windows 7
Screenshot — Windows XP Visual Theme on Windows 7

To uninstall the theme, start by enabling another theme, then right-click on the theme to be deleted and click on Remove Theme.


And to fine-tune the whole, consult our tutorial to Return to the old design of the XP/Vista way taskbar in Windows Seven


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  • Thank you for that tut! Before, I was tired of this theme that I judged without personality, fade, etc... but when I moved on, I started to regret this theme! Thank you again! And good continuation!